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Major Matt’s 1st Monday, June 2019 Playlist

Major Matt Mason USA

I started meditating a few years ago. Recently, I discovered this really cool app that includes a bunch of different guided meditations and ambient music tracks. It has a nice timer where you can choose your favorite starting yoga bell-sounds and even pic different nature soundscapes to play in the background while you do your thing. During the winter I chose the sound of a burning campfire to meditate to and I have to say it really helped soften the edges of serious winter depression. But recently, I caught myself, on an early summer morning, in front of a closed window in my temperature controlled home, meditating to a loop of light, outdoor sounds with birds chirping in the distance and a soft summer breeze blowing through trees. Soon after I finished, I realized that I could have just opened a window or stepped out on to the porch and…

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