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Shark Attack… Karma

Major Matt’s 1st Monday, June 2019 Playlist

Major Matt Mason USA

I started meditating a few years ago. Recently, I discovered this really cool app that includes a bunch of different guided meditations and ambient music tracks. It has a nice timer where you can choose your favorite starting yoga bell-sounds and even pic different nature soundscapes to play in the background while you do your thing. During the winter I chose the sound of a burning campfire to meditate to and I have to say it really helped soften the edges of serious winter depression. But recently, I caught myself, on an early summer morning, in front of a closed window in my temperature controlled home, meditating to a loop of light, outdoor sounds with birds chirping in the distance and a soft summer breeze blowing through trees. Soon after I finished, I realized that I could have just opened a window or stepped out on to the porch and…

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Major Matt’s 1st Monday, May 2019 Playlist

Major Matt Mason USA

Sometimes, May conjures up images of sprites and fairies dancing around the maypole. I’m going to steal an image from a recent Dharma talk I witnessed by Robert Brumet. The image is of “dancing with your demons.”  As our bones continue to thaw and we shake off the winter blues, we may find ourselves inspired to get outside and be more active. It could be interesting to take some of that energy and try dancing with your demons. Dancing is all about rhythm and flow. Sometimes, you have to let the demon lead the dance. Sometimes, you have take that demon, and swing it around, and put it where you need it. And sometimes you have to hold that demon close, for a long slow dance, so after a while, you don’t even notice it’s there anymore. Hopefully, these tunes will inspire you to do a little dancing with…

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Major Matt’s 1st Monday, April 2019 Playlist

Major Matt Mason USA

 April is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.    

— from “The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot

T.S. Eliot was one of my favorite poets in college. His dark imagery and twisted perspective spoke to me as a young artist. I thought to be “real” I had to be tortured and cynical. I would seek these things out for inspiration and validation. As I get older, it seems like suffering gets easier and easier to come by. Music has always helped me find the beauty and love attached to all suffering.

This month’s playlist includes songs by Red House Painters, Thomas Patrick Maguire, Herman Dune, Jeffery Lewis and Los Bolts, The Dead Texan, Casio Tones For The Painfully Alone, Wire, Rema Rema, The Feelies, Neil Young, Brooke Pridemore and more…

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Major Matt’s 1st Monday, March 2019 Playlist

Major Matt Mason USA

When you know how to listen everyone is the guru.” I used to tell myself that listening to music was the best distraction from things that might be stressing me out or making me feel bad in my “real” life. Now I think about it differently. Listening to music helps me focus on what is really important. What is really important is what is happening right now. Real life is right now.

This month’s playlist includes songs by Grandaddy, Odd Pets, The Raincoats, The Sluts, Pavement, Zooboy, The Louvin Brothers, Daniel Johnston, Randi Russo, Boby Gentry, John Fahey and more…

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Major Matt’s 1st Monday, February 2019 Playlist​

Major Matt Mason USA

A lot of us have endured some extreme shifts in weather, amongst other things, this month. Hopefully spending some time listing to this music will help smooth out some of those rough patches. This month’s playlist includes tracks by T. Rex, Cate​ le Bon, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Tones On Tail, Lucy Arnell, Mr. and The Mrs., Sons of Great Dane, Good Saint Nathanael, Major Matt Mason USA and more. Enjoy, and Happy Year of The Pig!


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“Revolution Records 1st Friday” October 5 (KC, MO): Major Matt Mason USA (Duo) + Eggs On Mars + Zooboy

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Live Show: Major Matt Mason USA (full band) @ “KC Antifolk Fest” Sat. June 16 @ The Brick (KC, MO)

Major Matt Mason USA


I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be debuting a new Major Matt Mason USA band at this years Kansas City Antifolk Festival. The new power trio features Bernie Dugan (The Quivers, Brannock Device) on drums and Joel Shields on bass (Dicta, Steady States). We’ll be playing a short set on Saturday, June 16 at The Brick with some other great KC acts including: Here’s To The Life!, Nate Allen and The Pac-Away Dots, Seafoam Galaxy, Nate Cartwright and more! I think it’ll a be great night of interesting songwriters. So, if you’re looking for something a little different, come check it out. Click here for the FB event & more details.

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Schwervon! Escape From US 2017 Europe/ UK Tour

Schwervon! US September Spin Out Tour 2017


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