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“Olive Juice Music Night” Sat. Aug. 22 @ miniBar (KC, MO)


Part 2 !!! Part 2 !!!



New American Anymen !!! “Money Art” video !!!

American Anymen – “Money Art” from American Anymen on Vimeo.


Olive Juice Music OJMR Spring 2015 EP. 4

Olive Juice Music OJMR Spring 2015 EP. 3

Olive Juice Music OJMR Spring 2015 EP. 2

Olive Juice Music OJMR Spring 2015 EP. 1

Olive Juice Music Night comes to KC, Wed. Feb. 25 at miniBar

Hey KC! Looking for a chance to check out some awesome bands on a weeknight and still get home before midnight for just 5 bucks?!? Look no further.

Wednesday, February 25th “Olive Juice Music Night” has come to The miniBar upstairs! That’s right, they’ve got a new kick ass PA and sound proofing treatment with the same cool vibe.

08- Andrew Ashby (The Caves)

09- Schwervon!

10- Rev Gusto

Enter a free raffle for a variety of Musical Treats including a $25 gift certificate for The Vinyl Underground! Plus after hours DJing by Major Matt Mason USA. All this fun for just $5 (21+) Music starts at 8pm SHARP!

Olive Juice Music Radio Mix Volume #4

This is the fourth episode of our weekly antifolk mix. Listen on your headphones while you jog around the block! ☼

Curators for this episode:
“American Anymen” is an antifolk band from New York City. We use DIY music to undermine the class-based art that is generated through the superstructure of the USA.

“Dina Levy” has been involved in the NYC antifolk movement for over 10 years, as a founding member of the band Prewar Yardsale, performing vocals, flute, keyboard and found percussive instruments. She is both a supporter and organizer of many antifolk events.

“Stefanie Koscher” is a transmedial artist and musician currently based in Vienna, Austria (formally known as Steffko). These days she’s playing grunge’n roll music with her band Koscher. In NYC, she has been performing with bands such as Steffko and the Facebookbraggerz, Ching Ching, Huggabroomstik, the Johns and Pieface.

“Phoebe Blue” is a antifolk songwriter who trys her best to rep her hood in Staten Island. She curates events and mixes different breeds of art, burroughs, people and media. She’s got two ears and one mouth and she uses them to the best of her ability.

“Major Matt Mason USA” is a singer/songwriter, sound engineer, and founding member of Olive Juice Music. He plays in the bands Schwervon!, Kansas State Flower, and Major Matt Mason USA.

Track listing:
00:38 – The Cashiers – “Can’t Even Prove It”
02:58 – Schwervon! – “Lucky Rocks”
05:54 – American Anymen + Lise – “Brand New End”
10:55 – Folkicide – “Meaningless Glare”
14:00 – Little Cobweb – “Indelible Marks”