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Show Poem: You Poem / 7-03-14 / KC, MO @ Davey’s Uptown w/ Folkicide + Rabbit Killer


When living in a covered structure it’s important to occasionally check out the roof.
Things happen up there that don’t happen on the ground or under the ground.
Being a predominant land animal roofs give humans a unique perspective that should not be neglected.
There are two types of poems.
There are “you” poems and there are “me” poems.
This is a you poem.
You are the rock you are the hard place
You are at both ends of the telescope
You are the end of your own rope
You are the footprint in wet concrete
You are the footprint in dry concrete.
You are the dusty sign in a rain storm
You are the fresh tortilla rolling off the conveyor belt
You are the little purple flowers that grow in the grass between the street and the sidewalk
You are the steaming river of shit flowing out a donkeys ass
The soapy water around the faucet
The Advil on the kitchen floor
The socks that cover only half your ankles
The cricket in the broken shower
You are
The baby that never came
And came unexpectedly